Deals on iphone 5c sprint

Deals on iphone 5c sprint

Deals on iphone 5c sprint

Sprint is offering the iPhone 5C 16GB for free. Most of the other major carriers have a preorder button, with details on pricing that has monthly payment options, but nowhere close to free. Sprint is creating some waves with its latest efforts to capture the nascent iPhone 5C market. In other news, they are upgrading their LTE network, changing to uncapped, unlimited data plans, and have an alleged new upgrade plan. To sweeten the pie even further, the company has a buyback program.

Best iPhone 6 Trade-In Deals: Carriers Compared

There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. The Sprint Apple iPhone 5 is one of the sixth generation devices designed and marketed by Apple. The iPhone 5 was released in September Its release was under the management of Tim Cook who had taken over from Steve Jobs. Compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 5 had some major revolutions in its design which have been further accentuated to the iPhone 6.

For example, it now had thinner bezels and was much lighter in weight. In fact, the reception of this Sprint iPhone model was so great such that those that had iPhone 4 replaced them. The pre-order levels were 20 times those of the previous iPhone model. There are various Apple dealer shops where you can buy this device. Some are online where its either pre-paid or on cash terms.

Besides, if you are unable to buy a brand new device, some shops allow you to trade-in with your current phone. Another purchase option is using installments where you do partial payments to the vendor. After the purchase of your new device, you can then activate it to make it usable. Content provided for informational purposes only. Skip to main content. Filter 3. Top Rated. See All. All Auction Buy It Now. Best Match. Gallery View.

Guaranteed 3 day delivery. Iphone 5 16 GB used with the Sprint Network. NO cracks on the screen and the phone works perfectly. I turned OFF find my iphone and it is unlocked for itunes, so it is ready to be set up with a new user. All black iPhone 5. Works perfectly fine. Sprint phone. A few paint scruffs on the sides. Phone in pictures is the phone you will receive. Apple A6 32 nm.

The colors of cases in order of the pictures are as follows: Front glass, aluminum body. Corning Gorilla Glass, oleophobic coating. See Desc! Apple Iphone 5 White 16gb. This Iphone has been inspected and tested. It is in excellent condition with only few light scratches at most on front and back. Condition is Used. For sale used iPhone 5 16GB Sprint model A color white and silver good condition clean IMEI box included also includes USB wall adapter and headset please check the pictures for exact details if you have any questions please ask prior to bidding I ll be happy to obtain any information needed thank you.

Iphone 5 for sprint. Screen has had protective glass on it up until now and doesn t appear to have any scratches. Benefits charity. The body may have many deep scratches, large dents, corner dings, and other signs of heavy wear. None of these issues affect the phone s functionality. Condition of the phone can be seen through the image uploaded. Upon testing, the phone is fully functional.

There are no exceptions. Phone works great and is in good shape. This phone has no user locks and no iCloud lock. Cell Phone Parts. Cell Phones. Used Iphone 5 16GB in silver and white. The phone is in great condition. It was adult used and the Phone was always inside an otterbox or lifeproof case. Cosmetic Condition: Screen has a few light scratches, body has some nicks on the corners. It has been kept in a case Survivor Catalyst Waterproof Case which will be included.

Even if you want to use your own case I will send it in this case for the added protection. Case in good condition. Works fine. This phone has been fully tested. The screen is not cracked, but it does have issues with responding to touch. Turning the screen off and on again seems to help, but not always. The physical condition of this phone is great - no marks or dents on the edges and corners. Like New condition.

No scratches on screen or anywhere on the phone. Clean ESN and not iCloud locked. This is a used Iphone 5 on the Sprint network. It hasn t been used in a long while, but worked well when we last used it. Unit is Sprint carrier phone. All photos are of our worst conditioned item in a lot. You will likely receive an item of equal or better quality than the actual photos.

Protect It Now with a. Whether you spilled a drink on your device or it suddenly stopped working, we can help you get your digital life back to normal. It have a small crack like u see in the corner on the pic. Everything work. These phones are all used and could be a nice source of parts for repair. Two of these units have quite cracked screens the others do show hairline scratches and a third has a cracked back casing. The ports look clean and clear.

Listing is for the 5 phones only - there are no cords or cables. Comes with original box power button not working but home button works perfectly. Results Pagination - Page 1 1 2 3. Sponsored Listings. Got one to sell? You May Also Like. What features does the Apple iPhone 5 possess? The construction of the iPhone 5 device was done using aluminum which made the phone considerably durable than its predecessors.

It features a taller screen than the iPhone 4 although the screen aspect ration is almost similar. In terms of processing speed, the A iPhone model clocks at 1. This is due to the proclaimed superiority of their RAM, which has been in existence over the years. The Sprint iPhone is restricted in terms of network coverage.

There is a mechanism using the IMEI number which can unlock your iPhone so that it can be usable by other network service providers. Besides, you can use a carrier that allows you to shift. The iPhone 5 uses a nano sim card which is LTE enabled hence you can enjoy fast internet speeds. The iPhone 5 can support IOS versions 6,7,8,9 and Whichever version yours is running, you can always update it using a WiFi network to move on to the next version. Different versions have some advancements.

For example, it might be security updates or to fix some bugs.

You can now unlock your iPhone 5S for free

Solved by: Go to Solution. Someone else can verify or refute this. The iPhone 5c model sold for sprint will not work with ATT. The various iphone models are listed at Apple s site: If it has been unlocked through Sprint or and unauthorized 3rd party service then it will accept any SIM.

Also, if you are someone who is a new customer to these services, then you will have to pay for your very first month to get your membership going. They tend to be compatible because they require the use of SIM Cards in order to obtain the services.

There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Skip to main content. All Auction Buy It Now. Best Match. Gallery View.

Can I use the AT&T iPhone 5 (A) on Sprint or Verizon?

Apple unveiled two new iPhones on Tuesday -- its flagship model, the iPhone 5S , and a new low-cost model called the iPhone 5C. The tech giant is discontinuing the iPhone 5, so where does that leave you? If you play your cards right, you could get a couple hundred dollars for an iPhone 4S -- depending on its condition and where you sell it. If you re already in a two-year contract, you ll have to pay full price for a new phone. But if you must have that new iPhone, selling the phone can help cut costs. Whatever you decide, it might be worthwhile to shop around the find the best price for your old phone.

Here are the best deals for saving money on the pricey iPhone X

Part 1 of 2 articles: To many Americans, staying in touch with a cell phone or tablet while in Europe can seem difficult and expensive. This article tells you how to stay in touch and save money. This meant that for many years, the only option for US travelers to Europe was to rent a GSM phone, which was expensive and inconvenient. But all that has changed in the past few years. The most popular smartphones all work internationally: As a rule of thumb, the cheapest phones are generally those that do not support international roaming. The net?

Selling your iPhone 5? Here s how much you can get

Now that the pre-order season is done, and purchase time is just around the corner on September 20, Sprint is one of the first carriers out of the gate with a new enticement for potential new customers. That includes the iPhone 5c and—when available—the iPhone 5s. Kind of makes you want to switch to the next carrier who offers this kind of deal, right? The final price of your phone will be reflected on the device details page and in your Cart. Unlimited available on select plans. Excludes international and roaming. Prohibited network use and other restrictions apply.

Sprint offering free iPhone 5C to new customers

The freshly unveiled iPhone 7 opened for pre-order overnight and is set to hit stores in many countries as soon as September If you re thinking of upgrading, you ll have to compete for the limited supply of iPhones that have already reportedly delayed orders for those with Apple s replacement plan. You re credited back over two years for your trade-in, so you need to stay with Verizon for two years for the promotion to fully pay off. Your trade-in must work and be in good cosmetic condition to get the credit. You can use it for pre-orders or when the phone hits the store, until the promotion ends. If you order online, there s a special trade-in process you must complete to lock in the deal. Again, this is a deal paid out over 24 months: If you cancel your service, the monthly credits will end and the remaining balance on the phone becomes due. Your credit must qualify you for the equipment installment plan, and you can t combine the offer with other device plan offers.

What’s the best way to buy an iPhone?

Virgin Mobile has changed its iPhone unlocking policies. The days of being tied to a single carrier with a locked phone for months on end are all but over. Where we once were forced into month contracts with devices that were useless on any other network, nowadays your wireless carrier must unlock your phone if you request it. Seriously, they do. Before you can hook up your phone to a new network, you need to meet a series of requirements. First and foremost, it needs to be a legitimate device. Then your account will need to be free of any financial obligations. Additionally, most carriers require accounts to have been active for a certain number of days before they will allow devices to be unlocked. Beyond that, the process varies slightly for each carrier:.

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Apple iPhone 5c 16 GB

Through these programs, customers are offered a seemingly generous discount on their next smartphone purchase when they trade in an older model. Then the old phones are polished up and resold at a profit as refurbished devices to other customers looking to save money by buying used phones. It all seems so simple. Want an iPhone 6s but you just bought an iPhone 6 last year? You will never — never, ever — get as much value out of your old phone from your wireless carrier as you will elsewhere. Companies launched these programs because they stand to benefit from them tremendously. It seems straightforward enough; just buy your new phone and use the prepaid shipping label they give you to mail in your old one. Well guess what: Fortunately, my experience was an outlier. Flipsy is a website that helps smartphone owners sell their used handsets. I went to the site to see how much cash one might get for a used 16GB iPhone 6 in Space Gray that is locked to the Verizon network. Now, what would happen if I tried to trade that same phone in with a carrier? Private Buyers via Flipsy.

The iPhone 5c is an easy phone to outgrow. Could it be time for an iPhone 5c trade in? To receive cash for your iPhone 5c, you will have to ship us your item to initiate the process. It is important to get an appropriate shipping box, package the phone up well, attach the prepaid shipping label we send you and ship us your phone. Once you trade in your iPhone 5c and we have your smartphone in our possession, our inspectors will check to ensure it is the same condition as indicated in our agreement. It also has the best camera and other great features. You were one of the first to buy it or to get it as a gift, but you stopped using this model perhaps because the phone suddenly seemed too small, or the battery life went out, or maybe for some other reason.

With four major carriers, buying an iPhone X or iPhone 8 can be more complicated than you d think. Which plan you choose depends on your needs and, of course, your carrier. However, getting around to upgrading can be challenging to say the least. With so many carriers, things get confusing fast. If you walk into an Apple Store to upgrade your carrier-locked iPhone, you may be turned away. I write this from personal experience. The first Apple Store I visited turned me away at the door. That didn t sit right with me, since, in the past, you could always upgrade iPhones at the Apple Store, regardless of your carrier. Even The Verge and 9to5 Mac say you can, although those articles were written before Apple expanded service to Verizon. While Apple s site doesn t explicitly show the same results for Sprint s service, I confirmed with Apple that you can upgrade your Sprint iPhone at the Apple Store. I decided to visit another Apple Store. This location initially said the same thing as the first. Now, you know you can upgrade your iPhone through Apple. But you re going to want to show up prepared — there would be nothing worse than making a fuss about your upgrade only to find out that you can upgrade after all. If you have T-Mobile, sorry to disappoint.

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